It’s The Ladies Right

We are in the last days before election day and it seems the presidential race is very close according to the polls.  The last election for president was historic indeed.  The first African-American was elected president.  It was finally a validation of America and democracy. Unfortunately, there is a segment of this nation’s population who think the president is a failure.

They think this president is responsible for the bad economy and enormous debt.  Do they not know or care that it was previous administration responsible for the current situation?   The previous administration is responsible for failing this country by declaring two unnecessary wars and running up a huge debt and the most important fact, the killing and maiming our young men and women.

How many supporters of the previous administration lost a child or spouse during those wars?   Did these supporters lose a job or their homes through the deregulation of the financial system?   Will these supporters put their faith in a republican candidate who will bring those same policies of the previous administration to the presidency if elected?  A candidate who said he doesn’t care about the poor. He said there are safety nets for them.  Well this candidate if elected,  will  have his executive pair of scissors to cut those safely nets along with other social programs.

It would seem that you can see what a person will do by what a person has done. This republican candidate has lied, cheated, and stole before this campaign and while he is campaigning. The people who will or is thinking about voting for this candidate are motivated by greed and hate.   This is totally ignorant.  So do these people hate the president more than love their country? 

It makes you wonder why this presidential race is very close.  Nearly half  the nation must not love their country.  The current administration has made progress by creating jobs, stabilizing the economy, and providing healthcare for many Americans, despite obstruction from the republicans in congress.  While the republican candidate wants to give tax breaks to the already wealthy, cutting FEMA, and cutting  healthcare even to the veterans who have fought in those unnecessary wars.  While increasing military spending for more ships and weapons to use for a possible war.  There are two different types of people in war.  The ones the that get killed, and the ones that get rich.  Guess which side the republican candidate is on.  This republican candidate does not want to served the people,  he only wants to serve himself and his kind.

So ladies who are mothers who love your children, you are the difference in this election.  This republican candidate is against abortion even in the case of rape.  He wants to make abortion a crime.  Now that is an insult to injury.  It has not been long ago when women were not allowed to vote.   If you don’t vote for the most fair and proven candidate, you could very well lose that right.

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