Tombstone for America

What would be the epitaph for the United States of America if on election day the wrong choice is made for president?

“Here lies a once great nation, under God with liberty and justice for all.”
The United States of America
b July 4, 1776 d November 6, 2012?

For 236 years this nation has endured many challenges. Externally as well as internally and this nation has survived. The United States was born out of resistance from King George lll of England, who wanted to control the colonist’s rights to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness as stated in the Declaration of Independence. This fledgling nation backed up that declaration with war and won.

The Founding Fathers left one issue unresolved, the matter of slavery. Many of them happened to be slave holders and didn’t want to give up their institution. It kind of reminds me of what is going on today, tax breaks for the wealthy. It would take nearly ninety years before the slavery issue would be resolved by a civil war.

The Founding Father’s children and their children were heavily invested and reaping the benefits in this free labor market and king cotton. These plantation owners didn’t care about preserving the union of the states or the victimization of a race of people. Their only concern was getting more wealthy. Now doesn’t that sound familiar in today’s terms.

The nation was going into code blue. The wealthy plantation owners were not going to give up their way of life. Their attitude was, shuck the United States, we are seceding from the Union. The South started mobilizing and rallying their population for a civil war under the banner of state rights. Much of this population did not own slaves. Most were poor dirt farmers that believed if they fought for the cause, they too may become wealthy landowners and slave holders.

As with a cause, there most certainly is an effect, and that effect was President Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was determined to keep the nation together, with or without slavery. The institution of slavery was morally wrong as well as undermining the nation’s economy. If someone heavily invested in owning a slave who has the skills of a carpenter, then there would be no need to hire someone seeking a wage as a carpenter, thereby; actually making the wage seeker worthless and unproductive. So it would seem that slavery was demeaning not only to the people under bondage, but to any one who had to work for a living. Including the Confederate soldier who fought against the Union for a losing cause.
Choosing the moral issue against
slavery was the effective measure that won the war and save the nation. For the next hundred years, the people of this nation have fought for the rights of women, workers, and voters. With the help of the government these battles for equality were victorious.

With the coming election, there are people, some elective officials; trying to suppressed those rights that were achieved over the past century. These elected officials in various forms of government are undermining the very foundation of what this country was built upon. That would make them traitors to this nation.

We the people of this nation cannot let this happen. In the past, our fellow Americans have fought and died to obtain and protect these rights. Did they die in vain? We must vote for the candidates who believes in the people’s right to choose what is best for the whole nation. That choice is freedom.

What we have augmented cannot recede. We must move forward. We must move ahead, not fall behind.Life is motion. If something is not moving, then it is dead.

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