Punk’d 49

A Senator said recently, he believed there is a 50 to 50 chance for the Republicans to gain the majority in the Senate in November.  It has been a very divided nation since the turn of century.  In the 2000 presidential election, the democratic candidate Al Gore won the popular vote but the republican candidate George Bush won the electoral vote.  It was virtually a 50 to 50 split.  Since that election, the country’s economy  has been in free fall for  nearly nine years.  The 2008 election changed that.  Although, we still have nearly 50 percent of this country’s population believing the economy is still bad because of  President Obama’s administration.

This 50 percent of the population feel there is a better alternative to the current administration.  Of course there is the one percent, the wealthy class including the republican candidate Mitt Romney.  Then there is the 49 percent, which I am assuming are some of the working middle class, the social conservative, and the plain haters. 
I know what is motivating the wealthy one percent.  They want more wealth and power.  I get it, but I don’t agree with it because it is greed.  What about the other 49 percent?  Let’s start with the working middle class.  Some of them  are  blue-collar  union workers. What is in it for them?  We all have seen what happened up in Wisconsin, when some of  these middle class workers voted for a republican governor who promised more jobs.  Instead, they found out the union representation for their jobs was being targeted for elimination. Then there are the social conservatives whom supposedly vote their conscience instead of their pocketbook. They are more concern with the government preventing a woman from having a legal abortion. Or who can’t marry who, regarding same-sex marriage. Aren’t these the same conservative folk that say they want less government, but when it comes to abortion and same-sex issues, it seems they want more government involvement. The last and the least intelligent, are the haters. These people feed off the hate and lies broadcasted over the airwaves from conservative talk radio and television. It was your vote in the last two presidential elections prior to 2008, that has contribute to the economical mess this country is in.

The Senator who thinks the Republicans have a chance to win the Senate, is the same who said their number one mission is to defeat the president. He is not thinking about taking care of the state he represents or the country’s needs. What about the Speaker of the House and the Republican Congress who keep asking, where are the jobs? Fifty percent of us know where the jobs are. He must be asking the punk’d 49 percent who support these so-called servants of the public. I should say self-serving.

The same self-serving politicians of a party that says no to jobs, no to healthcare, no to voting rights, no to fair taxes, and no to a thriving economy. These elected officials got theirs, where is yours punk’d 49? Whatever you got, you stand to lose in this next election if you keep supporting a political party that says no.

This Republican party is not just saying no to a nation, this party is saying no to you.

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