The Enforcers

The Supreme Court, as some of us of know, is a political institution that make both policy and law.  The Supreme Court is at the apex of the judicial braanch, one of the three indenpendent, constitutionally coequal branches of the federal government.  The other two are the executive and legislative branches,  which are headed by the President and the Congress respectively.

Histoically, presidents have picked Supreme Court justices for their politics more than their judicial talents.  Of course by doing this, presidents try to gain political control of the Supreme Court.  In deciding cases, the Supreme Court must worry about public opinion and how Congress may react.  Lately, the Congress have been reacting irresponsibly and the Supreme Court, over the past decade, have been making decisions  in my opinion,  that have been against the interest of the public.

Decisions such as Bush vs Gore, when the Court decided the outcome of election instead of the voting public.  Citizens United where corporation are now people.  Allowing these so called people to make unlimited donations to their chosen canidates  We are now seeing how this is turning out.  Soon there will be a decision on affordable healthcare. Which is in the public interest. 

Half of  the Supreme Court decisions over the past decade have been enforced against the will of the public. Some of these justices wearing their robes need to add hoods to their attire and furnished with sickels.  They are the grim reapers of the country.  These justices are killing democracy!

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