The Real Enemy

There are people in this country who call themselves patriots.  They say they are true Americans, but aligned themselves with a political party that have passed laws in states that are keeping a segment of the population from voting.  The people who do vote and elect  representatives  to go to Washington to represent their interest soon find that these elected officials are bought and paid for.  Do these patriots care,  or are they stupid and hateful?

These patriots say they believe in state rights, but are against the rights of women, minorities, the poor, the elderly, and our precious children.  How can people, who call themselves christians support a political party that only have an interest in the wealthy few?  This contradicts the true teachings of Christianity.  Should we not help the poor and take care of the sick?  Instead of trying to eliminate programs for the less fortunate and getting rid of  healthcare for women and children. 

Do these patriots support a political party that is against regulations that protect the environment?  After all, if these patriots believe in God, then they know we are here to take care  of  this planet.  Instead of taking and taking and not putting anything back.

Quoting a comic strip of the 1960’s, I believe it was call Pogo.  We have met the enemy and it is us.

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5 Responses to The Real Enemy

  1. John Liming says:

    I think the Christian Bible speaks of those who, in the end times, will come in the clothing of Angels and have the hearts of devils so as to deceive even the holiest of persons. Their endgame is probably to grab power for themselves and to recreate the nation from a Democratic Republic into more of a Religious Theocracy–a very tightly controlled and oppressive one–where the only freedoms that remain are the freedoms to do as the ruling elite (The Spiritual Leaders) say to do. That is my opinion of it anyway and I guess I am permitted to have opinons.

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