It’s The Ladies Right

We are in the last days before election day and it seems the presidential race is very close according to the polls.  The last election for president was historic indeed.  The first African-American was elected president.  It was finally a validation of America and democracy. Unfortunately, there is a segment of this nation’s population who think the president is a failure.

They think this president is responsible for the bad economy and enormous debt.  Do they not know or care that it was previous administration responsible for the current situation?   The previous administration is responsible for failing this country by declaring two unnecessary wars and running up a huge debt and the most important fact, the killing and maiming our young men and women.

How many supporters of the previous administration lost a child or spouse during those wars?   Did these supporters lose a job or their homes through the deregulation of the financial system?   Will these supporters put their faith in a republican candidate who will bring those same policies of the previous administration to the presidency if elected?  A candidate who said he doesn’t care about the poor. He said there are safety nets for them.  Well this candidate if elected,  will  have his executive pair of scissors to cut those safely nets along with other social programs.

It would seem that you can see what a person will do by what a person has done. This republican candidate has lied, cheated, and stole before this campaign and while he is campaigning. The people who will or is thinking about voting for this candidate are motivated by greed and hate.   This is totally ignorant.  So do these people hate the president more than love their country? 

It makes you wonder why this presidential race is very close.  Nearly half  the nation must not love their country.  The current administration has made progress by creating jobs, stabilizing the economy, and providing healthcare for many Americans, despite obstruction from the republicans in congress.  While the republican candidate wants to give tax breaks to the already wealthy, cutting FEMA, and cutting  healthcare even to the veterans who have fought in those unnecessary wars.  While increasing military spending for more ships and weapons to use for a possible war.  There are two different types of people in war.  The ones the that get killed, and the ones that get rich.  Guess which side the republican candidate is on.  This republican candidate does not want to served the people,  he only wants to serve himself and his kind.

So ladies who are mothers who love your children, you are the difference in this election.  This republican candidate is against abortion even in the case of rape.  He wants to make abortion a crime.  Now that is an insult to injury.  It has not been long ago when women were not allowed to vote.   If you don’t vote for the most fair and proven candidate, you could very well lose that right.

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Tombstone for America

What would be the epitaph for the United States of America if on election day the wrong choice is made for president?

“Here lies a once great nation, under God with liberty and justice for all.”
The United States of America
b July 4, 1776 d November 6, 2012?

For 236 years this nation has endured many challenges. Externally as well as internally and this nation has survived. The United States was born out of resistance from King George lll of England, who wanted to control the colonist’s rights to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness as stated in the Declaration of Independence. This fledgling nation backed up that declaration with war and won.

The Founding Fathers left one issue unresolved, the matter of slavery. Many of them happened to be slave holders and didn’t want to give up their institution. It kind of reminds me of what is going on today, tax breaks for the wealthy. It would take nearly ninety years before the slavery issue would be resolved by a civil war.

The Founding Father’s children and their children were heavily invested and reaping the benefits in this free labor market and king cotton. These plantation owners didn’t care about preserving the union of the states or the victimization of a race of people. Their only concern was getting more wealthy. Now doesn’t that sound familiar in today’s terms.

The nation was going into code blue. The wealthy plantation owners were not going to give up their way of life. Their attitude was, shuck the United States, we are seceding from the Union. The South started mobilizing and rallying their population for a civil war under the banner of state rights. Much of this population did not own slaves. Most were poor dirt farmers that believed if they fought for the cause, they too may become wealthy landowners and slave holders.

As with a cause, there most certainly is an effect, and that effect was President Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was determined to keep the nation together, with or without slavery. The institution of slavery was morally wrong as well as undermining the nation’s economy. If someone heavily invested in owning a slave who has the skills of a carpenter, then there would be no need to hire someone seeking a wage as a carpenter, thereby; actually making the wage seeker worthless and unproductive. So it would seem that slavery was demeaning not only to the people under bondage, but to any one who had to work for a living. Including the Confederate soldier who fought against the Union for a losing cause.
Choosing the moral issue against
slavery was the effective measure that won the war and save the nation. For the next hundred years, the people of this nation have fought for the rights of women, workers, and voters. With the help of the government these battles for equality were victorious.

With the coming election, there are people, some elective officials; trying to suppressed those rights that were achieved over the past century. These elected officials in various forms of government are undermining the very foundation of what this country was built upon. That would make them traitors to this nation.

We the people of this nation cannot let this happen. In the past, our fellow Americans have fought and died to obtain and protect these rights. Did they die in vain? We must vote for the candidates who believes in the people’s right to choose what is best for the whole nation. That choice is freedom.

What we have augmented cannot recede. We must move forward. We must move ahead, not fall behind.Life is motion. If something is not moving, then it is dead.

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Those People

The election will soon be upon us in November.  Both political parties have  just finished their national conventions and soon the debates will be held.  I think the Democratic National Convention was very inspirational event.  The speakers gave motivating, informative,and at times humorous speeches. On the other hand the Republican National Convention fell woefully short of inspiring and giving any plan on how to move this country forward.  The GOP does not want to move forward.  It seems they want move this country backward.  Why?

The only thing that matters to the GOP is money, power, and control. There is nothing they have to offer to the nation.  What they are doing is withholding the truth. The truth is they want to use fear to divide the nation by saying those people are not like us. They aren’t Americans or they aren’t Christians. Those people are taking your jobs or they want handouts by getting welfare. Those people are a threat to your way of life. However; most of those people have to work two or three low paying jobs to make ends meet. Those people don’t have healthcare. How can those people be a threat?

The GOP, it is these people who are the threat, by using race and religion to divide the nation. These tactics may have served them well in the last century. However; in the 21st century their actions have been exposed through social media and technology. This has made the planet a much smaller world and things are happening in real time.

Still, the people who support the GOP, refuse to see these fraudulent actions. The religious right who subscribe to the conservative views are a good example. In the book of Acts 28:27 “For the heart of this people is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes have they closed; lest they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them.”

This nation needs healing, and in the middle of this economic recovery, we don’t need the Republican Tea Party ripping the scab off. Most people in this nation work for living and need decent wages to support their families. The aging population will need Social Security and Medicare. People will get sick and need affordable healthcare.

Why does the Republican Party want to freeze wages, take away Medicare, and repeal affordable healthcare? I think the GOP sees the middle class as those people.

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A Party Of Infamy

On the first of this month a congressman from Pennsylvania compared a new regulation requiring insurers to provide women birth control without a copay to September 11th or Pearl Harbor.

In 1941, President Franklin D.Roosevelt in the opening lines of his speech said on December 7, 1941, “a date that will live in infamy.” When Roosevelt spoke in front of Congress requesting a declaration of war against Japan, it was a grave and serious matter. Let us not forget that over two thousand brave sailors perished at Pearl Harbor.

On September 11, 2001 on a very horrific day, nearly three thousand innocent people lost their lives through several terrorist acts on American soil. This terrible day was not long ago. People who lost loved ones are still feeling the pain and anguish of that infamous day.

Now this congressman wants to compare those two horrific days to a new regulation requiring insurers to provide birth control without copay that went into effect August 1, 2012. Are you kidding me? Brave and innocent people died on those two terrible days. Why would he trivialize these days to make a point.

The Congressman of Pennsylvania wants us to remember August 1, 2012 as an attack on our religious freedom. This Republican wants to use God and country against women trying to get affordable healthcare. He is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the insurance corporations trying to protect their profits from the sick and dying.

There is a date in infamy, and it happened in the very same state this congressman is from. August 15, 2012 when a state judge upheld a voters suppression law taking away voting rights from maybe a million people. What if small portion of those people being robbed of their rights to vote are veterans who served in War World II. A few of them may have been there at Pearl Harbor.

The congressman says an attack on our religious freedom. OK, let’s play religion card. In the Ten Commandments, does not it say in the 8th commandment “Thou Shall Not Steal”. Yet the “Party of No” in various states across the nation is doing just that. Implementing laws denying citizens their right to vote.

Isn’t it ironic that Abraham Lincoln, the Republican Party’s first president was responsible for saving and preserving this great nation. Now a 147 years later, this same political party is on the verge of destroying this nation.

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Punk’d 49

A Senator said recently, he believed there is a 50 to 50 chance for the Republicans to gain the majority in the Senate in November.  It has been a very divided nation since the turn of century.  In the 2000 presidential election, the democratic candidate Al Gore won the popular vote but the republican candidate George Bush won the electoral vote.  It was virtually a 50 to 50 split.  Since that election, the country’s economy  has been in free fall for  nearly nine years.  The 2008 election changed that.  Although, we still have nearly 50 percent of this country’s population believing the economy is still bad because of  President Obama’s administration.

This 50 percent of the population feel there is a better alternative to the current administration.  Of course there is the one percent, the wealthy class including the republican candidate Mitt Romney.  Then there is the 49 percent, which I am assuming are some of the working middle class, the social conservative, and the plain haters. 
I know what is motivating the wealthy one percent.  They want more wealth and power.  I get it, but I don’t agree with it because it is greed.  What about the other 49 percent?  Let’s start with the working middle class.  Some of them  are  blue-collar  union workers. What is in it for them?  We all have seen what happened up in Wisconsin, when some of  these middle class workers voted for a republican governor who promised more jobs.  Instead, they found out the union representation for their jobs was being targeted for elimination. Then there are the social conservatives whom supposedly vote their conscience instead of their pocketbook. They are more concern with the government preventing a woman from having a legal abortion. Or who can’t marry who, regarding same-sex marriage. Aren’t these the same conservative folk that say they want less government, but when it comes to abortion and same-sex issues, it seems they want more government involvement. The last and the least intelligent, are the haters. These people feed off the hate and lies broadcasted over the airwaves from conservative talk radio and television. It was your vote in the last two presidential elections prior to 2008, that has contribute to the economical mess this country is in.

The Senator who thinks the Republicans have a chance to win the Senate, is the same who said their number one mission is to defeat the president. He is not thinking about taking care of the state he represents or the country’s needs. What about the Speaker of the House and the Republican Congress who keep asking, where are the jobs? Fifty percent of us know where the jobs are. He must be asking the punk’d 49 percent who support these so-called servants of the public. I should say self-serving.

The same self-serving politicians of a party that says no to jobs, no to healthcare, no to voting rights, no to fair taxes, and no to a thriving economy. These elected officials got theirs, where is yours punk’d 49? Whatever you got, you stand to lose in this next election if you keep supporting a political party that says no.

This Republican party is not just saying no to a nation, this party is saying no to you.

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About Oman 99

About Oman 99.

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The Enforcers

The Supreme Court, as some of us of know, is a political institution that make both policy and law.  The Supreme Court is at the apex of the judicial braanch, one of the three indenpendent, constitutionally coequal branches of the federal government.  The other two are the executive and legislative branches,  which are headed by the President and the Congress respectively.

Histoically, presidents have picked Supreme Court justices for their politics more than their judicial talents.  Of course by doing this, presidents try to gain political control of the Supreme Court.  In deciding cases, the Supreme Court must worry about public opinion and how Congress may react.  Lately, the Congress have been reacting irresponsibly and the Supreme Court, over the past decade, have been making decisions  in my opinion,  that have been against the interest of the public.

Decisions such as Bush vs Gore, when the Court decided the outcome of election instead of the voting public.  Citizens United where corporation are now people.  Allowing these so called people to make unlimited donations to their chosen canidates  We are now seeing how this is turning out.  Soon there will be a decision on affordable healthcare. Which is in the public interest. 

Half of  the Supreme Court decisions over the past decade have been enforced against the will of the public. Some of these justices wearing their robes need to add hoods to their attire and furnished with sickels.  They are the grim reapers of the country.  These justices are killing democracy!

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